Want to Publish a Book?

Want to Publish a Book?
writing a self-help book

Tips for Writing a Self-Help Book

Self-help books are the bread and butter for many people in search of a better self. Also,...

how to write a romance novel

Writing a Romance Novel

If you’ve always had a dreamy nature and a love of steamy coupledom, chances are...

Writing a How-To Book

Steps for Writing a “How To” Book

If you’ve decided that you know something other people would pay to learn from...

writing womens erotica

Tips for Writing Women’s Erotica

There is much more involved in creating women’s erotica than merely pouring all...

getting your christian book published

How to Get Your Christian Book Published

Do you have an idea for a Christian book? Or do you have a manuscript and are wondering...

book and software

Book Publishing Software

Introduction to Book Publishing Software Many authors publish books and other printed...

book writing software

Using Software to Help You Write Your Book

While you very well may be able to write a book without any specialized software,...

writing your book title

How To Choose The Title For Your Book

Our mothers may have suggested to us that we best not judge a book by its cover,...


Basic Elements of a Story

Crafting a compelling, absorbing story is not merely a simple application of will....

Outline Your Book

How to Prepare a Book Outline

One of the most essential steps in writing a book is preparing an outline. However,...

Writing a Novel in 60 Days

How to Write a Novel in 60 Days

Budding authors who are interested in writing a novel within a short period of time...


10 Ways to Get Ideas for Writing a Book

You’re in a bookstore and smile proudly as you pick your book off the shelf… Eek!...

Write your blog

Writing a Book Blog

One of the reasons there are so many book bloggers on the Internet is because maintaining...

writing a book report

Guidelines for Writing a Book Report

Book reports may not be one of the most fun things to do and they can also be somewhat...

How to write a book review

Book Reviews Done Right

Reviewing books is a fun hobby for any budding writer. While writing book reviews...

Fairy tales from magic book.

How to Write a Fiction Book Proposal

Now that you’ve completed your novel – or at least the first few chapters –...

My Story

How to Write a Proposal for a Memoir

The memoir market is not for the faint of heart. A writer cannot hope to get a memoir...

book proposal

Guide for Writing a Non-Fiction Book Proposal

Before you begin writing, it’s a good idea to take a look at a few different examples...

How to get published

How to Get Published: Fiction Manuscripts

Of all writers, fiction writers have the tougher row to hoe. Unfortunately, unlike...

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